Joy of Motherhood

It’s 3 in the morning, she’s crying again. It’s been the fourth time already. I haven’t stopped working ’til past midnight. I had to do the chores: prepare food, wash the dishes, do the laundry, and take care of her. Babies are definitely a hassle. I can even argue that the equation “baby=restless days + sleepless nights” is accurate. In addition to this, I have to provide for us. I no longer have any relative, and this child’s father? God knows where that prick is.

With a deep sigh, I wore my night sleepers and took the walkie talkie. I do not have any choice, do I? Walking towards the next room, random thoughts filled my head. I haven’t slept for even an hour without interruption. How long must I endure this? CAN I endure this? Maybe it’s time to look for an alternative. Maybe– the thought was interrupted as I realized I am already in front of the door. Turning the knob, my eyes got heavier. How I wish for another minute of sleep. Almost dragging my feet, I arrived at her crib.

Her face is filled with folds as echoes of her cry filled the room. At this point, I am already desensitized to this kind of noise. Gently I picked her up, carefully supporting his head while I carry her on my arms. Slowly, I rock her. “Twinkle, twinkle, Little Star. How I wonder what you are…” I sang softly, and slowly.

After a few minutes, she fell asleep once more. Gently I laid her down back on her crib. Staring at her peaceful face, sleeping like an angel. I ran my finger across her cheek, feeling her soft buccal pads. I then placed my finger on her palm. She closed her palm and held my finger. A smile plastered on her peaceful face.

“How stupid of me. I need nobody. Take your time growing up, little one. Mama will wait no matter how long it takes. Together, we will topple every obstacle. So for now, sleep my Little Star.”


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