I love this girl. Her sweet smile, that little fringe on her hair that won’t go away no matter how much she combs, that little mole on her cheek; I love them all.

It’s been a year now, huh. Time sure does fly fast. I thought while folding the sleeve of my black long-sleeves. She absolutely loves this. She always tell me how handsome I look during that one time I wore it on our Taiwan trip. Thinking about it, I can’t help but smile for a bit.

“Ankkk~ Ankkk~ Ankkk~” the sound of my phone’s alarm startles me. I’ve always hated this sound. I can’t help it though, it’s the one that works the best. I grabbed my keys sitting on the table and head out.

While driving to her place, I did a quick run through of today’s itinerary. First, I’ll pick her up on her condominium, then we’ll go to R mall to watch a movie and eat some Indian food. After that, we’ll play basketball in the arcade and sing songs in the karaoke. Finally, it’s time to drop her off. Alright, so far so good.

After fifteen minutes of driving, I’ve finally arrived at her place. I quickly recognized her figure. She’s a short woman sitting while fiddling her phone.

“Ba! I’m here,” I called out while waving my hand. Her whole body jolted. My voice probably took him off guard. I chuckled. She scanned around searching me. Even from afar, I can see her eyes squinting trying to look for me. She stood up and started walking towards me. She’s wearing the usual red turtle neck. I’ve always teased her about her love of turtle necks, specially that red one. That didn’t even faze her tastes one bit.

“Let’s go?” I said after putting her bag in the compartment.
“Yes,” she replied while nodding and doing that subtle puppy dog eyes. Damn, she’s cute.

We drove while listening to her favorite song. We do love singing along despite not having the talent to back it up.

It was a quick ride and we’ve already arrived before we know it.
“I’ll buy tickets, you buy some fries?” I offered.
“No~” she answered while doing that puppy dog eyes again.
“Haha. Alright alright we buy them together.”
We bought popcorn, barbecue flavored, sour cream fries, and two milk teas. That’s just how we roll. We’ve already finished the popcorn anyway even before the movie has started. We have this tradition of raising the arm rest between us so we can hug each other whenever we want to. Honestly, I don’t really understand the movie. How could I possibly do when I’ve been looking at her every fifteen seconds.
“That’s a pretty great movie,” she commented while smiling.
“It’s not bad,” I replied.
“I like that they didn’t pushed Julia to be with Gerald in the end,” she added.
“And, I like you,” I said while laughing. She hit me on the shoulder. She always hated those kinds of jokes.
“Indian food?” I asked.
“Indian food!” she nodded.
We went to our favorite Indian restaurant and ordered some naan, curry, and biryani. Extra spicy of course. Then, we head to the arcade.
“Student please,” I told the girl on the cashier. We’ve always pretended being students even though we’ve graduated a few years back. To be fair, we don’t look that old.
“Let’s sing karaoke first?” she asked.
“Alright,” I replied.
We sang 3 songs each trying to score higher than the other. We’ve learned that the trick in karaokes is not singing well, rather singing loud. She beat me. I’ve never really beat her in singing.
“Basketball?” I asked and she just nodded.
We proceeded and played a few rounds of basketball. She likes shooting. My role is basically to shoot enough balls to make sure we reach the quota and reach the next round. We make a pretty good team. We’re finally exhausted after five rounds of shooting.
“Damn, it’s already five,” I said nonchalantly.
“Time sure flies damn fast,” she added.
I chuckled.
“Why are you laughing?!” she said as her eyebrows starts to knit.
“Nothing. Nothing.”
“Hmph!” she said while putting both of her index fingers forming angry eyebrows. Then we laughed in unison.
“Happy anniversary, babe,” I said and then hugged her.
“Happy anniversary too,” she replied “let’s go?”
“Okay,” I answered.
On our way to her drop off, we didn’t play any music. We simply sat there in silence. She’s the one who broke that silence.
“So, let’s break up?” she said. I remained silent focusing on driving.
“John, we’ve already talked about this.”
“Yeah. Yeah, we did.”
“So, let’s break up?”
“Can we really not try LDR?” my voice started to shake as tears starts to pool.
“No. We’ve already talked about this, John.” She answered.
“You’re right. We did.”
“So, let’s break up?”
I feel it. I can feel my tears wanting to come out. But no, John. No crying. You can’t cry now. You have to calm yourself for both of our sake. Mustering every bit of strength I have left, I asked her.
“How long will you be staying there?”
“I don’t know.”
“You’ll work while getting your master’s?”
I have to keep talking or I’ll cry.
“Ahh…” I said trying to think of something.
“I love you,” she said.
“I love you too,” then tears started falling down.
We finally arrived at the airport. She kissed me on the lips and said “Bye.”
I remained silent as her figure joins the crowd.
I love her. That’s why I’m letting her go.
I love her. That’s why we’re breaking up.
I love her. That’s why we’re spending her last day in the country.
I loved her. I love her. I will always love her, but it’s time to let go.
“Flight XI 659 heading to Sydney’s check in counter is now open. Flight XI 659 heading to Sydney’s check in counter is now open.”

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