“Mister! Mister! Could you spare me some change?” the young boy wearing tattered shirt and no shorts begged “I haven’t eaten anything since yesterday.”
“Shoo!” the man in tuxedo frowned “I don’t have any money right now.”
Adamant, the boy followed as his eyes glistened and his palm up “please, mister. a few coins will do.”
“Go away! I already told you I don’t have anything for you!” the man shouted with knitted eyebrows while swatting the kid away.
The child gave up and went to another person hoping to receive kindness. The man blew some air and went along his way as well.
After walking a couple of blocks, the man entered a building. There he was greeted with music, flashing lights, drinks, smell of smoke, and women. Two of which went to his side and grabbed an arm each.
“Mister! You’re back,” the woman on the left said in a sing-song voice.
“We’ve missed you. Did you miss us too?” the one the right added.
“Of course, of course. I brought a lot of money too!” the man responded.
“Yay!” the women exclaimed in unison.

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