That’s what I do for a living

Two women wearing dresses made from cotton.
A man passes by wearing a coat tailored by the best in town.
A boy, wearing a green and blue pajamas, walks alongside a man wearing brown slacks and coat. That’s him. I found him. I found today’s target.

In this line of work, you have to be patient. Very very patient. After all, you should find the perfect moment to take your shot or else you might lose your chance forever. Today’s goal is to make sure it’s as natural as possible. I like giving myself a bit of a challenge. I don’t like doing rapid fires. I make sure I only have one chance. If I failed, that means it’s over.

After years of doing this over and over again, I’ve already made my own checklist to get the perfect shot. First, you must find a spot that is completely hidden. Second, make sure to set-up your equipment before a target arrives. Third, wait for your target. Fourth, aim carefully and wait for the perfect moment. Fifth, take your shot. That’s exactly what I did.

I held my breath and waited. I aimed on the man’s chest. On the little red dot on his neck ties, to be exact. I waited until nothing obstructs my view. I waited until his arms doesn’t cover his body. When all conditions are met, I took my shot. Snap!

I exhaled and looked at my product. A perfect shot, I must say. I captured the moment of a father reaching out for his child’s arm with a wide smile plastered on his face. The child, with endearing eyes, reached out to his father while wearing a bright smile. It’s time to go home and call it a day.


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