Don’t do it!

It was already almost midnight. Yamato kept running hoping to catch the last train going home. Fortunately he arrived just in time. He was the only one left waiting for a train… or so he thought. Waiting at the edge of the station is a man holding a clipboard. He’s wearing a polo shirt and jeans. Yamato walked closer. There something seemed off. The man’s eyes were distant. He seemed to be lost in thought.
Yamato didn’t mind at first until he saw the man trying to step down into the rails.
“Wait! Stop!” Yamato shouted with his arms stretched out. The man seemingly caught off guard jolted for a second. Yamato reached him after sprinting for a few second. With a confused look the man said “W-what?”
“Don’t do it,” Yamato said while panting “life is hard, but you have to keep holding on.”
“But I have to do it,” the man replied.
“You don’t have to!” Yamato yelled “You’re still young and has a bright future!”
“What are you saying?” the man told him “I’m the engineer here and I have to check the rails for a reported problem before the train arrives.”

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