“Hey, bro! Do you have an iPhone charger somewhere?” asked Brad.
“Why? You’ve just bought a new yesterday, right?” Kevin replied.
“Yeah. I forgot my backpack in the car though.”
“You dumb ass. Go get it then.”
“Ugh, I don’t wanna go downstairs. Come on, man. Just try googling or something for me.”
“Pshh, fine.”
After a few taps, Kevin’s eyes widen and showed Brad his screen.
“Bro! Look what I’ve found!”
Brad went closer and got Kevin’s phone.
“Uhuh. So it says here to put your phone in a microwave oven. Apparently, it will be fully charged in 10 minutes,” Brad narrated what is on the screen “Damn cool! Thanks, bro!”
Brad grabbed his phone and they both went into the kitchen. Brad placed the phone inside and pressed start after setting it to 10 minutes. The phone sparked aggressively.
“Is it supposed to do that?” asked Brad.
“Chill. That’s probably how it get’s charged,” Kevin answered.

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