They say Asians are the most susceptible to blushing, or at least when drinking. For some reason, nature decided to curse us and make us turn into tomatoes with a few sips of vodka. In my case, I wouldn’t really call it a curse. Probably more of a blessing.

Oh, perfect timing. A cute muscular hunk is heading this way. Damn, I’m not sure but plain shirts with a few buttons and a pocket always catch my attention. I just oh-so-love that kind of aesthetics.

“Hey, miss. Are you with someone?” he asked while wearing his best smile.

One thing I’ve learned about these encounters is that males have this generic look when trying to pick up girls. First, a generic smile which they only use on the first encounter. Second, hands inside their pocket or leaning on the bar stool. Finally, they somehow thinks that to pick-up someone means to buy a drink. I guess the last one isn’t really that bad.

“I guess,” I looked up to him and replied “I am now.”
He chuckled “That was smooth. Looks like you’ve already drank quite a bit.”
The Asian flush worked again like a charm.
“Want to get out of here?” He asked.
“Uhmm, yeah. Okay,” I replied.

A few minutes after and I’m sitting on the passenger’s seat of his red sports car. I caught a big fish tonight. A few more minutes and we’re standing naked hugging and kissing each other.

“Wait,” I told him while pushing his chest gently.
“Yes,” he whispered “what’s wrong?”
“I’ll get something first,” I replied.
“What is it?” he asked while scratching his head. He’s obviously frustrated based on his situation down there. I simply smirked and grabbed my bag. Inside are my favorite toys: handcuff, gag, blindfold, and whip.

“You kinky bitch,” he exclaimed.
“Are you up for it?” I asked.
“It’s my first,” he answered “but sure. Why not?”

I lead him to the bed, cuffed his wrists on the bed frame, put the gag on his mouth, and blindfolded him. Perfect. Now time to use the whip. As silent as I could, I went behind him. I just love getting them by surprise. I grabbed the whip and made a sound with it. His body jolted. He’s nervous, I can sense it. Without giving him time to recover, I positioned myself and put the whip around his neck. Tighter. Tighter. He started struggling. I can hear his muffled voice. His body started flailing seeking for air. Tighter. After a few minutes, his body started to lose strength. It finally went to a halt.

“Shit! I’m cumming.”


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