The bell rung. The round girl walks flirtatiously while holding the big card with the number twelve on it. It was a good fight. We were almost on equal terms. Almost.
I know I’m losing on both points and damaged received. This guy’s defense is as tough as a turtle. I need to do something unless I want all six months of training go to waste.
The ref called us in. I stood up, knees feeling weak. I gritted my teeth and bit the mouth guard hard. I pushed through. I held up my hands to guard my face, especially the chin, while leaving a tiny gap to monitor his movements.
He released a jab; I blocked it. I did the same, he dodged it. Shit, he clearly has the upper hand. I pulled back and circled around the ring. He followed while releasing jabs and straights here and there. I was able to block everything, however, I can feel my knees getting weaker by the punch. I can hear the boos of the crowd. My lips twitched. If you guys are so brave, come here and face this monster. I circled a bit more.
A hook found its way to my sides. I felt that and stopped. He followed through with consecutive one-two combinations. I managed to pull my guard up. I felt a soft yet hard object on my back. I was backed on the corner. He continued with his barrage of punches. I hunched and turtled. I focused all my strength on defending. This is it. I lost. Looking at his arms get nearer then pull back puts me in a kind of trance. Punch, pull back, punch, pull back, punch, pull back, preparing for a big hook. That’s my chance. I broke my guard and released a straight with all my strength. It connected. The crowed cheered. His guard fell down for a second. I need to follow up. I can only do one or two more punches with weight on them.
I inched closer then decided to put my all on this. I elbowed him and it met his chin. That was a critical hit. He fumbled, I followed through with a left hook before the ref calls me out. And his body went limp. The referee started to count. One… two… three…
Please don’t get up
four… five… six…
He flinched. Fuck. I can no longer fight.
Seven… Eight… Nine…
I raised my hand. The whole crowd booed.
Ten. I was declared the winner. My whole side erupted in cheers. I held my hand up. I can hear the crowd booing. I won, yet I feel empty.

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