Gatekeeper: Squeegee

It’s been a very boring day today. All I’ve been seeing are cancer, knife, gun, bullet, hemorrhage, embolus, and such. By now, I’ve devised of another way to entertain myself; I ask the soul to tell me the story of their death if the object somehow caught my interest. Well, that was until this big buff soul’s turn came. A bright blue “SQUEEGEE” hovering above the halo with light blue aura. A smirk started to form. Today’s source of entertainment.
You actually can’t talk to souls. So it’s actually very silent while the hymn of harps play without pause. In order to know the soul’s story, I have to put my index and middle fingers together and stab the soul. Actually, nah. I just do this to make it a bit dramatic. I actually just have to touch the soul.
Back to the story. So this guy is actually a really buff 20 something dude back on Earth. He seems to be financially struggling and cannot land any decent job due to his monstrous build.
“Makes sense. Makes sense.”
It was only a matter of time when he was recruited by some local mafia boss. The job was very typical mafia. Fighting for turf, extorting money, hunting down people who owes the family money, and whooping other gangs’ asses. At least, that’s what it seemed at first.
After a month or so of service, the family head summoned him. He was given a task, a simple one at that. He is being sent to a sort of “baptism”. He is to kill a debtor who could no longer pay and abduct another. Despite his looks, he hasn’t killed a person before. Being left with a choice, he accepted the task while his face bends on all faces.
He went inside a black Rolls-Royce, and then…
“Yada, yada. Let’s skip to the good part… Alright. There we go!”
The former body of the soul knocked the door of a run down house. Seems to be the house of the debtor. His men ran inside and rounded up the people inside. Upon going inside, he failed to see a single man. There, he saw a frail looking woman and a child around 10 crying. It hit him. The debtor was this woman probably to buy some food.
“Yeah, I can also read thoughts. Now, shut up.”
He tried issuing the command for the woman to cough up the money she ows the family. Obviously, she had nothing. Even with threats and such, money won’t come out of thin air. One of his goons told him to just knock both down. They can sell the mother’s organs in the black market and the child as a prostitute. That should cover for their debt.
His stomach churned and he was petrified in place. After a few minutes of standing still, another group entered. It was his “big brothers.” He was called a pussy and then the mother was stripped.
This soul blacked out and tackled his “big brother”. The others jumped at him but his big frame proved to be useful. He searched for a weapon. The only thing he can grab was a squeegee. Seems like the mother works in a car wash. He removed the rubber and hope the metal was deadly enough. Boy, was he wrong. His lone buff body eventually tore down with the barrage of punches and kicks. When he was finally kneeling down with bloodied face and bruises covering his body, his “big brother” lifted his face and cussed him with every possible curse. After that, he grabbed the squeegee and sliced his neck with it. It was sharp enough, it turns out.
“Sigh, I wanted a fun story.”

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