The best place to read is everywhere

-Christian Markle

Aiming to provide a source of quick entertainment for those who are trapped in the toilet battling a tough constipation, the one waiting for the bus, or you, who is simply bored at your wits end.

Despite the name of the blog, please do not hold me accountable for not being able to publish daily or on a near daily basis. Alright, technically, it is my fault. BUT, I’m just one guy trying to provide prompts so a bit of understanding would greatly be appreciated. In addition to that, the contents posted could either be flash fiction, short stories, or scripts which you can find at Stories page or free verse poems, haikus, sonnets, odes, and the like which you can find at Poems.

If you want to help. You can either give me some donation to encourage me to post more or send your own prompts and I’ll whether or not to publish it.

Disclaimer: contributors will not be paid.